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Missile City AeroLeague

AeroLeague is a project I've been working on as the sole programmer on a team of three. The elevator pitch for the game is "Windjammers meets Street Fighter". We've shown the game off at the Seattle Indies Expo at PAX to enthusiastic reception.

Made with: Unity, C#

Super Robo Gems

When XNA Game Studio was released several years ago, it quickly became my favorite framework to develop on due to the balance it struck between depth and abstraction. I built and evolved my own engine over it through the course of several games, with Super Robo Gems being the final game that saw an actual release on the now-defunct Windows Phone.

Made with: XNA, C#, Blender

Jam Games & More...

As a primarily hobbyist game developer with limited free time, I enjoy short-form projects that allow me to prototype game ideas and expand my skillset as a programmer, artist, and musician. Over the years, I've participated in several game jams and online competitions that allowed me to do just that within a community of like-minded game designers. Here's a peek at some of those creations.


Made with: XNA, Unity, ActionScript/Flash, C#, Blender  

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