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2014 - Present

Tableau Software

Part of a team that was responsible for implementing large scale architectural changes in Tableau Desktop and enabling code sharing with Tableau Server, Online, and Prep.


Shipped multiple releases of Tableau, from 8.1 through 2022.1.


Reduced product build time and improved extensibility by modularizing generated C++ and C# code by features.


Enabled code sharing with server products by refactoring business logic through a command and presentation layer architecture.


Collaborated with test framework team in order to integrate existing code generation into Java layer, speeding up test development by eliminating the need to replicate C++ code.


Helped design “Hybrid UI” system that enabled sharing of TypeScript UI between native and browser products, embedding TypeScript UI in the Desktop product through Qt Web Engine.


Owned and maintained serialization and deserialization for data value types between server and client.


Frequently helped fix bugs for other teams, both adjacent and otherwise, near the end of product cycles in order to ship on time.



Part of the team responsible for testing the Direct3D runtime and writing exhaustive conformance tests for new Windows graphics drivers from hardware vendors.


Shipped multiple versions of the DirectX SDK and runtime, from DirectX 9.0c through DirectX 11.1.


Shipped multiple releases of Windows, from Vista through Windows 8.


Collaborated with several teams within Windows to ship the Stereoscopic 3D feature in Windows 8.


Part of an agile team of 3 that designed and implemented TJRA, a test result triage tool that was eventually adopted Windows-wide as the Advanced Analysis feature in the SPARTA test tool set.


Shipped several Windows Logo Kits (WLK) that include conformance tests that new drivers must pass in order to be certified for Windows.


Collaborated with hardware vendors such as nVidia, AMD, Intel, and Qualcomm to certify high quality drivers for Windows.


Added several features to the framework used for automated testing in our group, including logging support for failure investigation, changes to support Direct3D 11 testing, and utilities for reading the various texture formats available in hardware.


2000 - 2005

Florida International University

  • M.S., Computer Science

  • B.S., Computer Science, Software Design & Development.

& Expertise



C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, LUA.


Graphics/Game Technologies

DirectX, OpenGL, Unity, HLSL, Blender.

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